The advantages of cast resin transformers are

  • highly resistant to fire and self-extinguishable;
  • non-toxicity of combustion gases in case of fire;
  • the installation environment does not require particular characteristics (contrary to oil transformers which require fire or catchment barriers);
  • use in highly humid and polluted environments;
  • low installation costs;
  • no maintenance required (contrary to oil transformers);
  • low losses during operation thanks to the possibility of installing transformers in proximity of the load;
  • high resistance to short circuit stress;
  • high resistance to overvoltage;
  • high insulation degree and no partial discharges;
  • ultra low noise;
  • smaller dimensions than dry-type non-cast resin transformers

Thanks to these characteristics, cast resin transformers are suitable for the most varied environments, such as

  • office premises;
  • airports;
  • military installations;
  • off-shore platforms;
  • power generating stations (gas, nuclear)
  • photovoltaic plants and wind parks;
  • transports: electrical, terrestrial and sea drive;
  • telecommunication centres;
  • shopping malls and cultural centres;
  • banks;
  • hospitals;
  • schools;
  • cranes;
  • pole mounted applications;
  • any place at risk of fire

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