To celebrate our participation at DATA CENTRE WORLD we have published an article on Data Centre Review website.


In today’s world where information systems represent an essential tool for any business, data centres have become the protagonists of phenomenal growth.”

This is the age of data. There are millions of devices connected to the internet, the number of which continues to grow rapidly. Enormous amounts of data are captured, measured and controlled in order to help improve operations, increase productivity, improve safety standards and search for cost effective solutions. IOT, artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud storage are just some of the major drivers of the phenomenal growth of data centres.

The data centre application

TMC Transformers offers a comprehensive range of MV (distribution) and LV (isolation) dry type transformers, engineered specifically for use in data centres. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers design solutions that are safe, highly-robust, efficient, environmentally sustainable and maintenance free: critical factors for such a demanding application. Amongst many important considerations, it’s imperative that attention is given to factors such as load characteristics (non-linear loads with high harmonic content), transient voltages (frequent switching), noise control and management of leakage currents.



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