Data centres are an essential part of any modern company. They are indispensable tools for any business needing to coordinate and manage equipment and the entire IT infrastructure.

They are generally organizational units whose purpose is to:

  • store and protect valuable or critical data
  • ensure the smooth operation of all processes, systems, communications, and services involved in the daily activities of the business
  • ensure the efficiency, operability, and availability of services

All this necessitates a safe, efficient, reliable power supply that is available 100%, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


TMC Transformers offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of data centres of every size, while ensuring exceptional energy efficiency and maximum availability and reliability.

Some important points.

  • Dry-type transformers with power ratings up to 25MVA and insulation levels up to 52kV
  • Cooling Systems AN (Air-Natural), AF (Air-Forced), WF (Water-Forced)
  • Transformers tested for short circuits
  • Medium voltage distribution transformers for auxiliary services
  • Double PS electrostatic shielding to minimize noise (EMC)
  • Low voltage isolation transformers