A data center is an organizational unit that coordinates and manages either devices and services for data management or the IT infrastructure for one or more companies.

It is the technological core of the company, as it guarantees the continuous functioning of all processes, systems, communications and services, and supports the daily operations of a company and its efficiency.

At this point in history, where information systems are an important tool for any business, data centers have become the protagonists for phenomenal growth. IOT, artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud storage are just some of the key drivers of this evolution.

Reliable, efficient and high-quality products and solutions are needed to support this development.

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TMC Transformers offers a wide range of dry-type transformers for use in data centres.

  • Dry type transformers with power ratings up to ≤25MVA and insulation classes up to 52kV
  • Cooling methods: AN (air self-cooling), AF (forced air cooling), WF (forced water cooling)
  • Short-circuit tested
  • Medium voltage distribution transformers for auxiliary services
  • Low voltage isolation transformers
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