New electric mobility plays a fundamental role in today’s societies. Its constant, rapid development brings improvements to the entire railway sector. Just think of conventional trains, high-speed trains, the metro or light railways.

TMC Transformers has a wide range of dry type transformers for fixed railway traction electrical substations:

  • Traction transformers
  • Medium voltage distribution transformers for auxiliary services
  • Low voltage transformers and reactors

All these products rely on dry type technology, and different technologies are available:

  • Cast resin
  • VPI
  • Several thermal insulation classes are available: 155ºC, 180ºC, 220ºC
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The ultimate in dry type transformers

The transformers must be designed to take into account the power needs and duty cycles of each substation without exceeding the temperature limits, which would otherwise degrade the insulation.

The H-ART180° technology developed by TMC Transformers improves the performance of the transformer and its expected lifetime.