A certified team of highly specialized engineers and technicians is always on hand to help you, anywhere you are in the world, to repair faults or replace damaged parts, as well as perform scheduled maintenance or provide you with the extraordinary technical and technological advice you need.

  • Immediate support around the world, 24/7
  • Certified team for direct support on site
  • Technical diagnosis and prompt dispatch of parts
  • Large spare parts warehouse
  • Personalized scheduling of maintenance
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  • Manufacturer’s extended warranty

The manufacturer’s extended warranty offers an additional degree of safety and protects your investment.
For all transformers and on request, we offer an extended warranty up to three years after the normal warranty period.

  • Maintenance schedule

While dry-type transformers do not require extensive maintenance, regular maintenance is essential for ensuring smooth operation of your systems.
When purchasing one of our products, you can opt for a maintenance agreement — we will take care of everything required — and tailor it to your needs. The correct balance of scheduled maintenance and close attention to replacing parts can help to ensure an optimal life cycle cost for your transformers.

  • Consumables and spare parts

Investment in spare parts is a key way to achieve optimal quality of a system. The right balance between the quantities of parts needed during the various phases of life of the transformer (or transformers), such as commissioning and 2 years and 5 years of life of the system, will lead to excellent cost-effectiveness for the system.

  • Condition testing

Our Service team can also help with on-site testing and checks. On request, our engineers at TMC will perform tests, inspect equipment, and check set-ups on the premises.
A specialized engineer can also provide remote support.

  • Training programme

Would​ you like to perform maintenance yourself or would you like to be prepared for malfunctions?
We offer basic training in maintenance, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

  • Repair programme

In the event of problems or malfunction, the transformer can be returned to our factories for checks and tests. We offer a testing programme upon receipt which provides information on the state of the transformer and a report will be issued on which a cost estimate for repair will be based. If necessary for installation or to reduce costs, repairs can be carried out on site by our staff.

  • Management of obsolescence

For some transformers that have been installed and running for a long time, the main spare parts may not be available or traceable. Using reverse engineering, the TMC Team is able to perform the checks and measurements required to provide faithfully replicated parts (typically the coils).