Renewable energy sources for power generation can pave the way for a sustainable energy future, achieving energy security, economic benefits, and low emissions.

Sustainability, environmental protection, emission-free processes are critical decision factors in power generation today, and sustainable transformers can play a crucial role in achieving them.

Dry Type Transformers from TMC Transformers

TMC Transformers supports sustainable power generation from renewable energy by providing a broad portfolio of dry-type transformers suitable for the power generation sector. Transformers are vital in power generation and are widely used in power generation plants, substations, and distribution systems.

TMC Transformers offers sustainable transformers that allow efficient, reliable, continuous, and emission-free operations.

What Are Dry Type Transformers?

Dry type transformers are sustainable transformers that use air as the primary cooling medium instead of relying on oil or other liquids in the cooling system. They use natural or forced air ventilation for cooling, making them more beneficial than liquid-filled units.

How Do Dry Type Transformers Ensure Sustainability

High Reliability

Energy must be efficiently collected and distributed to be sustainable, and dry-type transformers guarantee high reliability regardless of environment or condition, with the E4 C5 F1 certification. Transformers operate by the principle of electromagnetic induction in power generation. TMC Transformers features an in-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA) facility that allows studying complex electromagnetic circuits, thermal and structural performance to ensure the finished product meets the required levels of reliability and efficiency.

Reducing Emissions

Dry-type transformers don’t use any fossil fuel in operations or manufacture, making them a far greener technology than oil transformers. They also feature increased efficiency, which translates to high energy savings and reduced emissions. Dry-type transformers feature ECO designs and use solutions like natural air cooling instead of oil solutions, guaranteeing low emissions and losses.

TMC sustainable transformers are protected from harsh conditions and atmospheric agents thanks to high protection level that makes themsuitable for outdoor installations, maintenance-free and flexible for use in extreme environments.

We’re referring to highly polluted areas and high climate class for transport, storage, and operation at very low temperatures (down to -50° for operation and -60° for storage and transport), and as well as resistance to fire hazards.


Whether you’re running a small hydropower plant or need outdoor auxiliary sustainable transformers or eco-designed transformers for a photovoltaic farm, TMC Transformers has you covered! It features a team with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing dry-type transformers that meet applicable standards, technical specifications and customer needs. Check them out today to discover how sustainable transformers can help you achieve sustainable power generation.