Reducing CO2 emissions is a mission for all of us, both in private life and in industrial applications.

Different key solutions exist for reaching this ambitious target in terms of power generation.

All current renewable solutions are based on water, solar, and wind.

Renewable applications and installations require extreme flexibility and high-performance products to achieve the ambitious targets of reliability and real benefits, in terms of both ecological impact (important reduction of losses) and plant efficiency.

ECODESIGN regulation EU548/14, later the official EN50588-1, fixed the basic milestones driving the performance of distribution transformers in savings and efficiency. Due to this, the responsibility shifted to manufacturers to develop technology with the best performance to meet both ECODESIGN regulation standards and the expected payback in terms of cost of ownership.

Total savings is, in fact, the real commitment of TMC Transformers, which engineers and designs all transformers by applying every possible technological innovation and improvement currently available.

Our dedicated R&D department simulates each application using finite element analysis (FEA). This structured approach allows TMC Transformers to find the best and most reliable solution for any application, from common distribution units up to the most challenging applications, also achieving excellence in the installations in nuclear power plants.

The risk of nuclear struggle is more than topical. It is easy to imagine, even in normal situations, how critical the perfect production of feeder units to for nuclear reactors is.

Strong, high-performance units are required and must be able to operate under huge electrical and mechanical stresses while reliably operating with extreme, sudden overload cycles to prevent dramatic failure. TMC Transformers has broad experience in these applications, expanded upon through repeated supplies for nuclear power plants.

Electrical and mechanical stresses are withstood perfectly through the application of innovative concepts and the use of high quality standards, materials, and processes.

The latest step in this direction is the Advanced Resin Technology (H-ART180) applied by TMC Transformers. In particular, this technology allows transformers to excel where other products would fail or not perform as required and needed. Such insulation technology allows TMC Transformers units to be a real solution for the best performance in any application, giving every customer total peace of mind.

Our motto — Experience Makes a World of Difference — is our guideline for growth and development.