Due to ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, an increasing number of states and countries are turning to renewable energy sources. This makes the powergen industry one of the most strategic assets of our time for TMC investments.

Renewable Applications

Renewable applications and installations require extreme flexibility and high-performance products to achieve the ambitious targets of reliability and real benefits, both in terms of both ecological impact (important reduction of losses) and plant efficiency.

In several markets, attention to product quality, along with low losses and high efficiency, implies high energy savings that correspond to CO2 reductions in line with the green transition currently taking place around the world.

TMC Transformers has broad experience in manufacturing dry type transformers for such applications. We’re talking about green technology that is fully environmentally compliant, that is non-polluting, and recyclable, which can be used in outdoor applications where oil-based solutions are typically employed.

To guarantee high reliability for its transformers, TMC products are certified with one of the highest ratings available on the market — E4 C5 F1 certification — achieved through a good protection of the transformer and a particular design.

This guarantees our products for use in challenging environments, thanks to its high environmental class for highly polluted areas and high climate class for transport, storage, and operation at very low temperatures (down to -50° for operation and -60° for storage and transport), and as well as resistance to fire hazards.

In fact, TMC has developed a range of highly robust and efficient dry-type, outdoor transformers, rigorously tested to offer high performance, safety, and durability in the harshest environmental conditions.

Main points:

  • Up to IP55 or NEMA 3R protection
  • Maintenance free
  • Zero explosion/fire risk
  • Reduced costs for civil works and fire protection systems
  • Compact footprint to replace liquid filled transformers
  • Copper or aluminium windings

A Sustainable World of Transformers

TMC strives daily to optimize production processes, reduce waste, and create products that have low emissions and a low overall impact on the environment. The continuous search for eco-friendly alternative materials and the use of renewable energy sources are just some of our process engineering goals. In fact, TMC has implemented a policy to protect and preserve the environment.

TMC has also launched a project to define the Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Statement (EPD) certification for processors. This green passport will certify TMC’s commitment to the environment.