Traction transformers are essential for electric railway systems, including high-speed trains, conventional trains, light rails, metros, and trams. Also called train transformers, they help convert grid voltage into the voltage that trains need to run while minimising wastage during transmission.

Electric railway systems usually feature traction substations, and transformers in substations must convert electrical power supplied by power utilities to a form suitable for powering a rail system through overhead lines or third rails. The best transformers for this industry must withstand mechanical vibrations, temperature variations, and electrical stresses during operation while maintaining high performance and safety.

The design of traction transformers must consider such needs while ensuring minimal maintenance requirements and high reliability, and that is where dry-type transformers come in!

Read on to know why a dry-type transformer is well suited for railways applications.

Benefits of Dry-Type Transformers for Railway Traction

Dry-type transformers have various features that make them excellent for railway traction applications, including:

  • High Safety Standards

Dry-type transformers are designed according to industry standards to ensure the safety of train operators, passengers, and maintenance personnel. They are completely oil-free, so you do not have to worry about fires igniting in case of accidents or faults. Both mechanical and electrical parts are short-circuit tested and validated through rigorous criteria like finite element analysis (FEA).

  • High Reliability

Dry-type transformers guarantee high reliability regardless of environment or condition. They feature different types of protection to ensure they remain functional and last for a long time, even in challenging environments and applications. The last thing a railway system needs is stoppages or halts due to breakdowns, but you can rest easy when you install dry-type transformers as traction transformers outdoors, in pressurized substations or tunnels.

  • Eco-friendly

A dry-type traction transformer can make the railway system greener than ever as they are recyclable and do not use fossil fuels. They are highly efficient to ensure great energy savings corresponding to reduced carbon emissions. They also feature ECO designs and solutions like natural air cooling instead of oil solutions for further reductions in emissions and losses.

  • Low Maintenance

Dry-type transformers require minimal to no maintenance, which can help reduce downtime and the total cost of operating train systems. They are suitably protected from atmospheric agents and harsh conditions, so you can be safe and secure about maintenance stoppages for trains or transformers in substations situated in very low temperatures or highly polluted areas.

TMC Transformers: Leaders in Dry Type Transformers for Railway Traction

TMC Transformers features a wide range of dry-type transformers for railway traction fixed electrical substations, including traction transformers, medium voltage distribution transformers for auxiliary services, low voltage transformers and reactors.

It has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing dry-type transformers according to all international standards like IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA, and UL.

TMC Transformers validates all designs and has successfully conducted short-circuit tests on traction transformers for 12-pulse systems with power ratings of 3880 and 4400 kVA and insulation levels of 200kV BIL.

Check out TMC Transformers for high-quality, safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance dry type transformers for railway traction applications, compliant with applicable standards and designed according to your requirements and technical specifications.