Product excellence is the result of extensive engineering development driven by the desire to innovate. R & D is at the heart of TMC and provides a very tangible benefit both ‘in-house’ and to our customers.
Our R&D work has two prime targets:
A consultancy for our customers to ensure that their product requirements always match or exceed their developing markets.
To work with our Supply Chain to ensure that as a ‘team’ we collaborate to develop and utilise the most innovative materials available in the most cost effective way
The aim is to create an extensive network of professional engineers and technicians united by a common objective to ensure a steady flow of ideas and solutions to solve the more demanding challenges of the future.


Designed primarily as an MV insulation system, cast resin technology provides excellent insulation and environmental protection. This together with the foil winding technology inside the resin offers the ultimate dry type transformer in terms of dielectric performance and short circuit withstand and ensures long term reliability for both distribution and special applications

Cast resin transformers can be supplied with either aluminium or copper windings together with the possibility of Class F (155) or Class H (180) resin systems.


  • Fire resistant / self-extinguishing (F1)
  • Environmental Class (E2) and Climatic Class (C2)
  • Enclosure covering from IP00 to IP68 and from NEMA1 to NEMA13
  • The most convenient cooling system according to customer needs such as air natural, air-air forced and air-water-forced
  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor installation (close to the load)
  • Environmentally friendly > 90% of materials recyclable


VPI technology also for medium voltage, low voltage transformers and reactors. A non-cast insulation that provides an excellent level of environmental protection. VPI transformers can be supplied with either aluminium or copper windings.

Our VPI transformers are used in many varied applications such as industrial, renewables, railways, marine, distribution and power generation.


  • Perfect solution for low voltage transformers and inductors
  • Enclosure covering from IP00 to IP68 and from NEMA1 to NEMA13
  • Reliability
  • Compact
  • Indoor installation (close to the load)


Liquid has many advantages as a cooling medium. The heat is removed far more efficiently than by air and thus provides a far greater power density and much reduced dimensions. Additionally the transformer losses are dissipated into the water and not into the surrounding ambient air.
We offer three kinds of liquid cooled technologies:
DIRECT Water cooling: Where the liquid (often de-ionised water) flows through the centre of the ‘hollow’ winding conductor.
INDIRECT Water cooling: Where a suitable heat sink containing a water circuit is embedded inside the winding or magnetic core.
AFWF Air/Water cooling: Using an Air to Water heat exchanger where the cooling medium through the windings is air but the transformer losses are removed via a ‘secondary’ forced water cooling circuit – Completely closed circuit cooling.


  • High power density and compact dimensions
  • Highly efficient removal of heat
  • Heat dissipation to surrounding ambient greatly reduced
  • Closed circuit cooling system

Liquid cooled technology is suitable for transformers and inductors in various fields, such as marine, offshore, power generation and railways.