H-ART180 (Class H – Advanced Resin Technology – 180°C)


The global market for dry type transformers is extremely wide and diverse, focussed mainly on specific and highly specialised applications that demand reliable, safe and efficient equipment.

If the design & manufacture of standard distribution transformers is straight forward, often perceived as a commodity in the marketplace, then a totally different approach must be taken when specifying transformers for critical applications, particularly harmonic loads (power conversion, rectifier duty, excitation, traction applications…).

These demanding applications, often in safety-critical and arduous environments require transformers that are carefully and competently engineered, considering the actual thermal overloads that allow for optimum performance, when connected to loads that are subjected to harmonic distortion or with continuous and temporary overloads.

Led by our Research & Development team, TMC Transformers have developed an upgraded insulation system that is based on advanced resin technology, which improves the performance of the transformer and lifetime expectancy, through the mix of ‘colder’ design and implemented class H insulation system.

We call it:


The main advantages of this upgraded execution are:

  1. Increased insulation lifetime.
  • More than 4 times higher compared to a standard transformer.
  • Most reliable high voltage design in the market.
  1. No nuisance alarm/trip conditions
  • Designed to work at full load under at extreme temperatures (climatic exposure, arduous production environments, etc.)
  1. Specially designed for networks with high harmonic content.
  • Ability to adapt the design to a specific harmonic content, without reduction of asset life expectancy.

In this direction TMC Transformers developed this advanced technology for reaching these main benefits:

  • H-ART180 dry type transformers are ideal for traction application to cope with overload duty cycle.
  • H-ART180 dry type transformers allow continuous operation after overload without thermal ageing in insulations.
  • H-ART180 transformer has longer working life than a class F transformer.
  • H-ART180 transformers can work in high harmonic content networks without over temperature problems or insulation degradation.
  • H-ART180 transformers can be overloaded under normal operation without further reduction of power.

Operating in a competitive environment, TMC Transformers aim to be different from others, approaching each proposal and design with proactive engineering research and this advanced technology, allowing us to satisfy our customer demands for innovation, reliability, product safety and peace of mind while leading our path to excellence.


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