Our mission is to offer a broad range of products and services, from the development of special prototypes and technical advice to delivery of the final product and 24/7 after-sales support.

We are proud to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology and engineering expertise that can provide opportunities for mutual business growth and expansion in the market.

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Over the next five years, TMC aims to:

  • Increase and hone its engineering expertise to adopt the most advanced technologies and improve the quality and production of dry-type transformers and reactors.
  • Extend its portfolio of products for distribution and develop new units for other increasingly popular sectors of application.
  • Acquire new production plants around the world to localize and speed up production according to different market requirements.
TMC mission



TMC aspires to become a new ‘beacon’ in the world of transformers: to go where others have never gone before, while remaining faithful to its highly specialized and technological production chain.