Now out on EASY ENGINEERING, our interview about TMC company activities and news, as well as current trends in the transformers market.

Easy Engineering: What are the company’s main areas of activity?

TMC Transformers: The products made by TMC Transformers are designed for distribution and special applications: two very different aspects combined together under a single roof to offer our customers the most suitable technology and services. The company produces dry type transformers and reactors for all applications worldwide. We are talking about industry, simple distribution for building and infrastructure, traction substations, marine and offshore, oil and gas, renewable energy, battery storage, mining, data centres, power plants, and e-mobility.

For marine and offshore applications, TMC supplies marine converter transformers, distribution transformers, and reactors for application to naval vessels, cruise liners, container vessels, and offshore oil & gas vessels, down to smaller research vessels.

For Power Generation, products are designed to fulfil the needs of simple distribution or excitation systems.

In industry, every specialty needs transformers and inductors to correctly handle correctly electric power to feed, control, and operate machinery.

In the oil and gas sector, TMC fulfils needs in every area, from drilling, onshore and offshore production, and transportation with ships or pipelines, all the way to final processing in the refinery.

In the last couple of years, we have developed special transformers for outdoor installation (whether for mining, battery storage, industrial plants, or energy production plants), meaning transformers suitable for underwater use, from IP34 to IP56 or even IP68. We challenge the market of dry type transformers by putting our solutions outdoors in very harsh environments.

E.E: What about new products?

TMC Transformers: Last month, following the acquisition of RITZ power transformers, we acquired a new technology called GlasVac. This is a new cast technology with a higher level of fibreglass, using a casting processing vacuum.The benefit of using fibreglass is that the transformers are more resistant, especially from a mechanical point of view, while the vacuum process guarantees low levels of partial discharge. This technology will be used as an alternative to the traditional casts and will be potentially applied effectively to a number of applications, yielding numerous advantages.

The most innovative development concerns outdoor transformers, where we have introduced new ways to protect the transformers and innovative solutions for cooling. We can now deliver the perfect solution for specific contexts, challenging the most polluted, humid, or aggressive environments. As an example…

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