TMC participated in the Zero Carbon Project of Schneider Electric with the target to collect data on the carbon footprint of production site in Busto Arsizio in Italy.

Two reference years were taken, 2019 and 2022, consumption was measured, CO2 TONs were calculated and everything was compared to TMC turnover.

The emissions analized for the project are:

  • Scope 1

Direct emissions resulting from combustion of fossil fuels within facility& vehicle usage, leakage of refrigerant gases

  • Scope 2

Indirect emissions resulting from purchasing of electricity and heat/cooling

  • Scope 3

Indirect emissions in value chain resulting form purchasing of goods and services

Considering the direct emission from combustion of fossil fuels, Indirect emissions resulting from purchasing of electricity and from the entire value chain:

we have determined that our carbon footprint intensity was reduced by -59% per unit of sales between 2019 and 2022.

We are so proud of this reduction that is an important achievement for TMC: we remain committed to reducing it as much as possible through sustainable practices and responsible decision-making.

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