The Oil and Gas industry is one of the world’s most important industrial sectors.

The deposits are to be found at a wide range of locations worldwide and the production conditions are constantly requiring new challenges for the companies involved.

TMC can provide a solution for all areas in the Oil & Gas industry, from drilling, onshore and offshore production and transportation with ships or pipelines, all the way through to final processing in the refinery; and it can provide transformers for offshore installation on drilling platforms, production rigs or on any Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) where customers specify particularly stringent safety and reliability requirements.

TMC designs, manufactures and tests dry type transformers according to the customers' requirements:

  • Ratings ≤25MVA
  • MV Insulation system ≤36kV
  • Cast resin or vacuum pressure technology
  • H-ART 180° technology
  • Environmental, climate & fire behavior classes E4, C3 & F1
  • AL and CU windings
  • AN (Air-Natural), AF (Air-Forced), WF (Water-Forced) cooling method
  • Enclosure up to IP66 degree of protection
  • Painting for high corrosion area C5H or even stainless steel
  • Certified by marine certification body
  • Certified for hazardous area IEC Ex (ATEX) & NEC Ex.


Converter transformers can be supplied from small power, up to many MVA in power rating. Gas processing systems require large electrical pumps and compressors which are controlled by VFD or VSD systems including a special converter transformer.

Power: 9MVA
Primary Voltage: 33kV, 50Hz
Secondary Voltage: 2 x 480V
Protection: IP54
Cooling: AFAF
Weight: 23.500 kg

marine converter transformers, distribution transformers and reactors

The electrical propulsion systems have many advantages compared to the conventional engine driven propulsion system. This technology is naturally increasing the demand for electrical propulsion for different vessels, such as cruise ships, container ships and navy ships. With advancement in technology and research, the electrical propulsion system is not limited to small boats and small vessels anymore.

Power: 7,5 MVA
Primary Voltage: 11kV 60Hz
Secondary Voltage: 2 x 1,8kV
Protection: IP44
Cooling: AFWF
Weight: 9.500 kg