Every industrial specialty needs transformers and inductors to handle correctly electric power.
Everywhere you need to feed, control and operate industrial electric power machinery, TMC has a solution to propose. For example, in the heavy industry segment, we manufacture components that are used to obtain the powerful and high energy conversion that is required in the steel industry, paper
manufacturing and silicon production.

The transformers and reactors used for these applications have particularly robust construction characteristics from an electrical and mechanical point of view and with regard to  corrosion resistance, because of their frequent use in environments with high humidity, pollution, dust and corrosive agents.

Transformers to work with converters (Variable Frequency Drives) are often customized and tailored for the application. Energy savings and sustainability are the recent developing factors making our multipulse and converter transformers a must have in the modern industry.

Industrial transformation and manufacturing require more and more high or very high currents, TMC has the solution to handle up to 50 kA using fluid cooling technologies.

special transfomers


Industrial converter transformers can be supplied from several kVA to many MVA.
Gas Processing systems require large electrical pumps and compressors which are controlled by Transformer/ VSD systems.

Power: 9MVA
Primary Voltage: 33kV 50Hz
Secondary Voltage: 6x2kV
Protection: IP44
Cooling: AFAF
Weight: 23.500kg


When installation space is at a premium and ‘power density’ critical, the use of higher thermal class insulation system can be useful.
The insulation system is also completely flame retardant and safe for installation in public areas.

Power: 950kVA
Primary Voltage: 13,8kV 60Hz
Secondary Voltage: 0,415kV
Protection: IP23
Cooling: AN
Weight: 2.900kg

solution to handle up to 50 kA

LV transformers are almost always present in manufacturing plant to adapt local LV voltages to specific machinery requirement or to feed low voltage converters to pilot a motor.
Common technology for LV transformers is VPI (Vacuum Pressurized Impregnation).

Power: 100kVA
Primary Voltage: 0,4kV 60Hz
Secondary Voltage: 0,525kV
Protection: IP23
Cooling: AN
Weight: 450kg