Cooling Technology

TMC cooling technology offers great advantages over traditional methods that only exploit the properties of air flows and water.

First of all, the heat is removed from the plant much more efficiently, allowing us to build custom transformers that are more durable, reliable, and particularly compact with the same performance.

Additionally, the transformer losses are dissipated into the water and not into the surrounding ambient air.

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TMC basically offers three types of cooling:


Where the liquid (often de-ionised water) flows through the centre of the ‘hollow’ winding conductor.

TMC Transformers - Direct water cooling

A suitable heat sink containing a water circuit is embedded inside the winding or magnetic core.

TMC Transformers - Indirect water cooling

Air-Water, using an Air-Water exchanger that cools the transformer with the flow of air and removes the heat produced with forced water recirculation — the cooling circuit is completely isolated.

TMC Transformers - AFWF water cooling
Small, compact size
Isolated cooling circuit
Locate leaks using water, avoiding the implementation of ventilation systems
Custom design and technology