The research & development team at TMC Transformers has drawn on its extensive know-how to develop a new Class H insulation system based on advanced resin technology that can improve the performance and life cycle of transformers.

This technology is called H-Art180°.

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The benefits of this technology developed by TMC include:

  • Longer-lasting insulation

four times the lifetime of standard transformers, the most reliable high-voltage design on the market;

  • No nuisance alarm/trip conditions

Designed to work at full load at extreme temperatures (exposure to the elements, difficult production environments, etc.)

  • Specially designed for networks with high harmonic content

Ability to adapt the project to a specific harmonic content, without reducing the life expectancy of the asset.

The H-Art180° technology makes the transformers:

  • ideal for traction applications to cope with overloading
  • capable of running continuously after overload without thermal ageing of the insulation
  • more durable than class F transformers
  • suitable for use in networks with high harmonic content without the risk of overheating or deterioration of the insulation
  • capable of withstanding overloads during normal operation without further reduction of power.