TMC produces low-voltage special and distribution VPI transformers with normal or reduced losses and according to customer specifications, up to 10MVA and with insulation class up to 1.1kV.

TMC designs, manufactures and test its machines according to all international standards: IEC, IEEE, CSA, UL, ANSI, NEMA, NRCan.

VPI transformers main feature:

  • aluminium or copper windings
  • class F or class H (180°C) insulation systems
  • compatibility with both indoor and outdoor installations

The most common cooling technologies are based on air, either natural or forced; and liquid, either direct or indirect, or with an AFWF heat exchanger.

In addition, the ability to withstand short-circuit forces is verified with FEA software.

Vacuum chamber – resin placed under pressure to improve impregnation
Thermal class H and cooling channels make for an efficient solution
Copper or aluminium winding
Fireproof materials
Our products

LV transformers are almost always present in manufacturing plant to adapt local LV voltages to specific machinery requirement or to feed low voltage converters to pilot a motor.

Common technology for LV transformers is VPI (Vacuum Pressurized Impregnation).

The picture is about a transformer for laser machine with a nominal power rating of 100kVA, a primary voltage of 400VAC and a secondary voltage of 525VAC.

The enclosure has an IP23 level of protection and guarantee an optimal air natural ventilation of the transformer.

  • Power: 100kVA
  • Primary Voltage: 0,4kV
  • Secondary Voltage: 0,525kV
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Protection: IP23
  • Cooling: AN
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