TMC Transformers SpA put together a carefully selected group of engineers and technicians with vast experience in the design and manufacture of distribution and special transformers: two different souls combined together under a single roof, to offer customers the most suitable technology and service.
TMC focuses on dry type transformers and reactors for all the applications worldwide: mines, marine and offshore, e-mobility, oil and gas, railways, data centers, renewable energy, battery storage, building and industry.

In particular, in South America, TMC designs transformers mainly for the mining sector, respecting the technical specifications and applicable standards.

Our dry-type transformers are a green technology, full ambient compliant that are not polluting but recyclable, which can be used as well in outdoor application where typically people use oil solutions.

Resistance to the harshest conditions

The mining industry is a historical sector due to the age-old dependency of the human being on natural resources.
This type of industry indicates the cluster of process that are involved with extraction, management and processing of naturally occurring solid minerals from the
earths surface. As a product of mining, various economically valuable products might be obtained. These are coal, diamonds, metallic ores, oil and so on. Many of those are used as raw materials in the energy production, electrical & electronics industries.

The mining sector needs highly-reliable equipment to guarantee production, avoiding outages and loss of profit. In also needs it needs to be maintenance
free, flexible in use and resiliant, in order to withstand extreme environmental conditions (dust, low and high temperatures, etc.). This type of environment
makes it necessary to utlise equipment that is electrically & mechanically robust, suitably protected against atmospheric agents and harsh conditions.

TMC manufactures equipment for the mining sector for various applications: VFD, distribution, ventilation, with different types of protection cabinets for installation
directly outdoors, in the tunnel of the same mine or in pressurized substations.

TMC is specialized in the production of mining transformers with different level of protection, reaching a totally enclosed solution like IP65.
To maintain effi cient cooling at given apparent power rating and environmental conditions, TMC can use air natural cooling or heat exchanger solutions.
Our highly-experienced Engineeering team develop solutions for critical applications that require explosion-proof equipment, in partnership with the customer.
These solutions are very compact and are low-loss/environmentally friendly.

Success cases:

TMC supplies dry type transformers for the El Teniente project: a Chilean region where the largest underground copper mine in the world is located, with 3,000km of underground tunnels and a production of more than 22 million tons of copper.