The aim of the TMC Transformers SpA is to achieve the customer satisfaction combined with the promotion of a strong Quality Policy.

The goal is achieved through the continuous improvement of processes, products, environmental performance and health and safety conditions at work, adopting an integrated management system, compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001 and SA 8000.

The Management therefore undertakes to:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of the interested parties in order to maximize the ability to supply a product that meets the customer requirements, through the analysis of the risks and opportunities.
  • Comply with all the requirements of the SA 8000 standard, and all those otherwise signed, with national and other laws in force, with the requirements applicable to the products, with respect for international conventions of the ILO (International Labor Organizations), International Human Rights and Nation Labor Laws.
  • Comply with legal and other requirements applicable to processes, products and concerning health and safety risks in the workplace, in order to prevent accidents and illnesses.
  • Promote the “continuous improvement” of the environment and safety. Focusing on the prevention of hazards, by making available the human and instrumental resources necessary to train and sensitize the staff about the company risks, in order to carry out their tasks safely and fully aware of their responsibilities in terms of the environment, health and safety at work.
  • Guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, inviting the employee to operate in compliance with current legislation and regulations, and encouraging them to actively participate in occupational health and safety management activities.

In particular:

  • Realize the commitment to respect the legislation by observing the provisions of the DVR Manual (Risk Evaluation Assessment Document);
  • promote a diligent conduct to highlight needs during the work activities, participating to the safety coordination meetings.
  • Promote ethical and environmental performances, continuous improvement of the technical characteristics of the products designed and manufactured (transformers and inductors), to consolidate the corporate image in compliance with international directives.
  • Pursue the energy savings, favor the use of renewable energies, reduce wastes.
  • Produce products with recyclable or recycled materials.
  • Research the optimization of business processes in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency, to pursue an corporate economic development combined with equity and social progress.
  • Develop and spread the culture of Quality, respect for the environment, safety in the workplace and social responsibility, both towards internal staff and directly involving suppliers and the supply chain in compliance with the requirements of SA 8000, Code of Conduct and those otherwise signed with our company.


rev.04 – 27 January 2021